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Introducing the new issue of No Limits Magazine: Do What You Love. Order by Tuesday, 8th December to receive in time for Christmas (*international delivery times may vary*).

Bringing you a much-needed agegasm… It is with great pleasure that we share with you 112 pages of lush inspiration and affirmation that there is no need to accept the prescribed ‘rules of engagement’ associated with ageing. This issue is devoted to why 'doing what you love' is crucial to your later life goals.

We have dug deep to unearth a veritable smorgasbord of articles, from our naughty seventy-year-old cover ‘girl’, to the punk rocker turned trout lover in Feargal Sharkey, to dogs on the bed, Sandi Badash's candid tale of sex in your seventies, dancing, making beautiful music, colourful clothes that invite you in to engage, and much, much more. The warming affirmation in the final pages that we can never truly die is a pleasing thought – our immortal energy rocks on.

From New York to Melbourne, South Africa, London and everywhere in between, within these vibrant pages you will be taken on a journey through words and photography on what it means to be part of this generation. We love the smell and feel of print, and take inspiration from the cornucopia of books in the Argosy Book store in New York, in one of the first features in the magazine as we fight to help print not just survive, but thrive.

This year's timeless edition of No Limits is just as fitting on a coffee-table, bookshelf, or on a mantlepiece to truly show cover-girl, Purely Patricia, in all her vibrant glory as captured by Angelika Buettner, of the inspiring I AM: The Movement.

Our team of amazing writers, contributors, storytellers and photographers is what makes us so proud of what we've produced. From Australian Fenella Dobson who has learned to love her body through the help of a young photographer to features from behind the lens of our other great photographers in Dawn Frogson, Ruth Jenkinson and Pattern Nation, capturing life with every snapshot.

No Limits creator, Jeanie Marsh-Dawson sees her own 64-year-old life as being no less relevant now to how it’s ever been; a constantly evolving rollercoaster of joy, despair and all stops in-between. It’s L-I-F-E in glorious technicolour and this issue represents just that.

The post-menopausal years make us no less relevant than we have ever been and Kirsten Scott-Thomas sums up the physical transition for many, over a martini or three in the magnificent TV series Fleabag:

‘The f***ing menopause comes and it is the most wonderful f***ing thing in the world. And yes, your entire pelvic floor crumbles and you get f***ing hot and no one cares – but then, you’re free. You’re no longer a slave, no longer a machine with parts. You’re just a person, in business.’

Order by Tuesday, 8th December to receive in time for Christmas (*international delivery times may vary*).

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